Polliance Academy
With the Polliance Academy we provide knowledge products in forms of reports, courses and programs so enterprise professionals can learn about Polarism and its applications onto the domain of solution creation - Mind Polarism, and onto the domain of enterprise creation - Enterprise Polarism. Consequently, they can:
  • move a company through the societal transformation, return it to progress and have it sustain its progress, without conducting costly, distortive and time-consuming change programs.
  • guide a company through any transition along the path of least resistance by use of emergent self-creative strategies benefiting from existing undercurrents of creation in your organization.
  • become more conclusive and decisive in solution creation for systems and organization and gain more recognition and income in return without being overworked and underpaid!
  • solve the specific problem of generic problem solving and expand your architecture management discipline on solution creation for systems and organization with the accordant toolset, mindset and skillset.
  • expand the service portfolio on architecture management with a distinctive service on enterprise emergence, leading to greater client-impact, and more recognition and revenues in return.
Discover the Instant Enterprise Program
Inspires and educates on Enterprise Polarism applied on organization creation, so you can:
  • Apply Revolutionary Innovation onto your organization
  • Have clarity and drive for any adjustment in system, business or organization
  • Make your organization instantly adaptable to changes in market, technology and culture
  • Reduce the times to market for big change programs from months to weeks
  • Save change efforts and change costs with tens of percents
  • Mitigate business risks to a minimum
  • Pass your organization through the societal transformation at hand
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