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With the Polliance - Academy, Artistry and Alliance we help companies and their professionals in their endeavors to create solutions for systems and organizations by applying Polarism.
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  • on how to guide your company through the societal transformation, return it to progress and have it sustain its progress, without conducting costly, distortive and time-consuming change programs.
  • on how to solve the specific problem of generic problem solving and expand your architecture management discipline on solution creation for systems and organization with the accordant toolset, mindset and skillset. 
  • on how to expand your internal or external portfolio on architecture management with a distinctive service leading to greater impact for the benefit of your client, and gaining more recognition, budgets and revenues in return. 
How can we be of service to you?
We help managers and their advisers
  • We help managers and their adviser, of enterprises comprising of multiple businesses; of businesses existing in contexts of enterprise ecosystems, to create compelling strategies and solutions, to be able to create, modernize, transform, mature, their value creation disciplines, capabilities, systems and organizations, to release them from business issues such as problems unresolved and goals unattained, so they can guide their companies through the societal transformation, and direct them towards sustainable progress.
  • With Polarism applied on the domain of architecture management, including enterprise architecture, organization architecture, business architecture, information architecture, systems architecture and infrastructure architecture, managers and their advisers can: explore, explain, predict and prescribe for the currents and undercurrents of creation occurring in their organization, discover revealing new perspectives for progress leading to profitable practices and valuable outcomes for clients, guide the engineering and the emergences of their company’s value disciplines towards desired directions, move their company beyond the societal transformation directly towards sustainable progress.
  • By our academy, alliance and artistry we provide the knowledge products and services such as revealing reports, inspirational education programs and thorough consulting journeys, so managers and their advisers can craft the strategies and solutions themselves and/or together with peer-experts, and internal and external architecture management agencies can expand their services portfolio.
All for purposes of:
moving away from systems and organizations that outpace humanity, and
moving towards systems and organizations that favor life and the living
"Apply the constancy of change
onto the change of constancies"
– Polarism
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