About Frank Schalkwijk
  • Over 25 years advisor for businesses, systems and organizations for clients from diverse sectors and industries.
  • Pioneer in Enterprise Polarism to help clients with the quick, easy and governance effective realization of large scale challenges within complex organizations.
  • Advisor, Researcher, Author, Trainer, Speaker.
  • Founder and director of Polliance, the expertise agency for Enterprise Polarism and its applications.
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My Story
For over 25 years, I am a business, system and organization advisor for clients from diverse sectors and industries.

During these years I experienced the ever increasing complexity and dynamics that appeared in organizations. “Where does this trend end?’, was a regular asked question that kept me occupied. We have increasingly less time for continuously bigger challenges. Business results of clients are under pressure. Existing methods are not sufficient any more. Current mindsets suffice no longer.

Existing ways of solution creation for business and organization became less effective.

Besides that, since I was young I got interested in polarities. I used them while I cooked. I played with them while practicing martial arts. I was interested in the philosophy behind them. I applied them in my work.

My observation was that my greatest successes happened when I applied polarities.

This made me decide to take my research on applying polarities seriously. I discovered the system that I have come to call the ‘polar manifestation’. With this system I could explain a great variation of universal phenomena. My revelation came when I discovered that solution creation itself was a universal polar phenomenon too.

That is how I came to Polarism, the knowledge discipline that studies the polar manifestation. And Enterprise Polarism, the application of Polarism on the domain of organization development.

Now I could also come to a new and very promising method to solution creation: Instant Solution Creation. By applying Enterprise Polarism within this method I can come to solutions that develop naturally by using the polar strains that are active within organizations. These are solutions that thrive on the complexity and dynamics of modern organizations and therefrom create order without needing much control. Just like plants do. For organizations this works very governance effective.

With Instant Solution Creation am I able to come to solutions instantly for sometimes long-term and lingering problems, just by looking at the polarities involved with the problem.

For years I have restrained myself to share these insights. But I had to overcome the self-doubt that had underlain me for all this time, since the urgent need organizations experience nowadays.

Companies are subject to the societal transformation. With Enterprise Polarism they can explain the effects this transformation has on their organizations and subsequently act on it. With it, they can take on greater challenges within the context of increasing complexity and dynamics.

Businesses need the insights provided by Enterprise Polarism to leave behind old approaches in organizations development and build up new ones. They need Enterprise Polarism harder than ever to be able to progress again.
They need Enterprise Polarism to liberate themselves.

Polliance helps me to make this innovative expertise available for you.

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Frank Schalkwijk
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Frank Schalkwijk
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