We help with ambition realization
We apply
  • Exploring change patterns within business organizations, such as crises, impasses, disruptions and collapses that hinder any progress of the business so we can anticipate on these change patterns.
  • Explaining change patterns within business organizations, like explaining transitions, transformations and migrations, so we can cope with these change patterns with focus.
  • Predicting change patterns within business organizations, for example to predict trends, revolutions and evolutions so we can adjust the change patterns to our liking.
  • Prescribing change patterns within business organizations like with prescribing interventions for purposes of inversions, leverages and balances so we can cause desired change patterns.
By applying Polarism, we create order beyond direct control.
We apply
Enterprise Polarism
  • enterprise wide decentralization of business functions,
  • industrial- or sector wide realization of generic services,
  • a transition to business platforms
  • a fusion of two organizations with their systems,
  • a rationalization of a systems landscape
  • a large scale modernization of legacy systems,
  • scaling up an innovation from one business to all businesses within the entire enterprise,
  • other large scale ambitions.
Because of Enterprise Polarism, we have influence beyond direct impact. 
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We help with knowledge products
We help businesses by providing knowledge products like reports, courses and presentations so directors, developers and advisors get more certainty, clarity and trust in their solutions creation and strategy definitions for their business. We do this with the Polliance Academy.

We help businesses with advices. They are knowledge products based on Enterprise Polarism.
With these advices, directors, developers and advisors can realize large scale ambitions while they emerge ‘naturally’ within their organization. This can be done by engaging polar mechanisms like self-creation and self-organization. We do this with the Polliance Artistry.

We help developers and advisors who wish to extend their skills with Enterprise Polarism and thereby want to share their knowledge and experience. We do this with the Polliance Alliance.

We help agencies who want to apply Enterprise Polarism within for enhancing their services so they can be of better service to their clients and acquire a stronger position in the marketplace. We do this with the Polliance Academy, the Polliance Artistry and the Polliance Alliance.

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