Our organizations are subject to the societal transformation. They are in transition from conventional mechanistic organizational forms to organizational forms like ecosystems, which behave organically. They are in transition from ‘Big Machine’ to Enterprise ecosystem.

This transition has made the conventional ways of solution creation within organizations, to a large extent, ineffective. 

Solution creation must, on the negative side of the spectrum, explicitly deal with phenomena like crises, disruptions, cascades and collapses. On the positive side of the spectrum, with phenomena like growth, instant adaptation, leveraging and balancing.

Conventional ways of solution creation are not able to do this any longer.
How are we as developers of organizations, and of all business systems and technological systems that are involved, able to create solutions for our companies, while we do not understand the emergence of Enterprise Ecosystems and we do not know how we can act on that emergence?
We are blind. Enterprise Polarism makes us see again.
Enterprise Ecosyteem
Polarism is the base for Enterprise Polarism

Polarism states that changes in a system are universal and follow the laws of the ‘polar manifestation’.

So are the abovementioned phenomena like crises and leverages, universal polar phenomena.

Polarities are at the core of these phenomena.

Solution creation itself is also an universal polar phenomenon. Polarism solves the specific problem of generic problem solving.

This implies that, on every desired domain, we can solve any problem methodically and deductively. With that, solution creation becomes quick and easy.

With Polarism, directors, advisers and developers gain clarity on and certainty about organizational change. They gain confidence in their strategies and solutions.  

Consequently, their investments gain high yields.
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Enterprise Polarism is the application of Polarism within the domain of organization development.

Enterprise Polarism acknowledges that the polar manifestation is operating within business organizations. She explains, amongst other things:
  • what makes today's society is in transformation, so we can anticipate effectively on the whims of this transformation and use this understanding productively to our advantage.
  • That organizations are in a transition from conventional mechanistic types of organizations to organismic types of organizations, so we can quickly and easily take advantage of the chances that this type of organization offers and create added value for clients with more performances as a consequence.
  • How we can realize large scale ambitions in organizations naturally, because they act on the polar phenomena operating in them, so we can make organizational change most governance effective.
By applying Enterprise Polarism we can increase the chance of success of realizing an ambition because we have more clarity and certainty beforehand and during the realization.

Enterprise Polarism = Deliverance
Enterprise Polarism
Polliance is the organization with which we develop and promote the disciplines of Polarism and Enterprise Polarism, so, businesses, their directors, developers and advisors, can feel being helped during their transition towards Enterprise Ecosystems, while laying the foundation for a healthy business future
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