About Enterprise Polarism
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About Enterprise Polarism
Enterprise Polarism is a comprehensive but conclusive discipline for understanding how enterprise organizations emerge from their undercurrents of self-creation and for knowing how to intervene in those undercurrents so you can set those according your desires.
This is useful, because it helps you to make decisive game plans for architecting, modernizing and transforming your organization with its systems.
What is Enterprise Polarism?
Enterprise Polarism is the discipline of polarism...
...applied on the domain of systems and organizations developments.
...applied on the domain of architecture management of businesses and enterprises.
The discipline covers:
  • Mind set
  • Tool set
  • Skill set
Mind set
Any attempt to understand or intervene in processes of self-creation starts with having the accordant mind set to do so. This means the creator is part of the creation. When you want to direct or redirect the currents of creation of your enterprise you have to develop the Enterprise Polarism Mindset.
The Instant Enterprise Program helps you in developing this mind set. Click here for more information about this program.
Tool set
Polarism provides a framework of tools you can use to explore, explain, predict and prescribe for self-creation in systems and organizations. The discipline of Enterprise Polarism applies these for the emergences of enterprises.
The Master Instant Solution Creation program presents you the tools of enterprise emergence and guides you in developing them (is currently projected).
Skill set
With Enterprise Polarism you develop your Game Plans for the solutions, the architecture, the modernization and transformation of your enterprise. That requires skill. Enterprise polarism has generic Game Plans available, that you can use to adapt to you specific case. These Game Plans help you to develop your problem solving skills with more speed and ease.
The Enterprise Polarism Living Lab provides the ready-made game plans. The Enterprise Polarism Living Lab is currently projected.
Together, the mindset, the toolset, and the skillset, make you, to become able to Engineer for Enterprise Polarism. 
Why should you use Enterprise Polarism? 
Organizations are subject to undercurrents of creation. They may work against you or in favor for you. For you being able to impact them, or to make up your mind for working with them and not against them, you need to understand how these undercurrents of creation come about.
The interesting point is, polarism reveals, the undercurrents of creation in your organization are in accordance with the undercurrents of creation in your mind. In a perplexing manner both match.
Learning about Enterprise Polarism, makes you learn about the self-creation of your mind too. Check: “Master Instant Solution Creation: Your Mind as an Organism” to discover how you self-create your mind in order to self-create your organization (is currently projected).
Why should you use Enterprise Polarism, now?
Society is in transformation. Better to state, society is transiting from old types of organizations towards new types. We are in the midst of this transition.
Enterprise Polarism explains why this transition occurs. With Enterprise Polarism you can explain and predict the consequences for your organization. Then, you can create the solutions needed to respond to this transition. You can make your organization to respond to it itself. Make it “self-responding” or “self-adapting”.
Check: “Instant Enterprise: Your Organization as an Organism” to discover how you self-create your mind in order to self-create your organization. Click here for more information.
Key points
  • Enterprise Polarism is polarism applied on enterprises The comprehensive enterprise Polarism discipline comes along with an own mindset, toolset and skillset.
  • You can understand and intervene on the undercurrents of creation of your organization when using enterprise polarism
  • Your acquaintance with Enterprise Polarism is most relevant, because the societal undercurrents of creation affects your organization and yourself.
  • Check the Instant Enterprise program for more education about Enterprise Polarism.
  • Check the Master Instant Solution Creation program for more education about Enterprise Polarism (is currently projected).
  • Check the Polarism Living Lab for Game Plans of Enterprise Polarism you can use in practice (is currently projected).
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