About Polarism
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About Polarism
“Polarism respects the philosophical, spiritual and cultural wisdom it originates from by capturing this wisdom with the scientific intention to clean it from any aspects that mystifies, covers up or confuses the deeper understanding available by uncovering the essential core about reality self-creation and by self-deriving realities from that core using polarities.”
Two disciplines and a framework are at the core of Polarism. These are the:
  • The Defining Discipline of Polarism
  • The Application Discipline of Polarism
  • The Polarism Framework.
Together, the Defining Discipline of Polarism and the Application Discipline of Polarism make Polarism by itself a self-creative discipline.
The insights and methods used within, and created by, this discipline are captured in the Polarism Framework. Core within this framework is the use of polarities.
Learning about polarism 
The self-creative nature of the Polarism Discipline challenges the learning of it. The understanding of Polarism requires, as it were, its re-creation in your mind from grounds up.

Therefore, the Master Instant Solution Creation program is designed. This program guides you in the recreation of your mind for the purposes of understanding and using polarism.

Your mind is organismic. It is not a machine or a computer. Not a mechanism in its core essence. Organisms self-create.

To understand organismic self-creation you need to follow the processes of self-creation using the tools that make the understanding of these processes possible.
The Defining Discipline of Polarism and the Application Discipline of Polarism makes this possible methodically. The results are captured in the Polarism Framework. Next, the Polarism Framework applies on all organismic types of self-creation, like the self-creation of enterprise organizations, as is shown by the Instant Enterprise program.

All together the Polarism Discipline provides you the mindset, toolset and skillset to develop organismic systems, like your organization, or artificial organisms in general.
Key points
  • The Polarism Discipline divides into the Defining Discipline of Polarism, the Application Discipline of Polarism and the Polarism Framework
  • Core within the Polarism Discipline are the usages of polarities.
  • Understanding and learning Polarism requires the re-creation of the organismic self-creative feature in your mind.
  • Check the Instant Enterprise program for guidance and education on Enterprise Polarism.
  • Check the Master Instant Soution Creation program for guidance and education on Mind Polarism (is currently projected).
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