Have your company adapt instantly on changing requirements of market, technology and culture
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Companies change
Companies change. Transformations. Disruptions. Alterations. Adaptations. Migrations. Modernizations. Rationalizations. They respond to circumstantial change in market, technology and culture. They respond to ripples, cascades, leverages, balances, crises.
The rates in company change are accelerating. Times-to-change are shortening. This makes huge claims on a companies’ ability to change. Is the company still able to respond to changing requirements? Is the company agile enough? Are legacies blocking progress? Are visions beyond reach?

Companies are heading towards a climax. The climax occurs when requirements to change outreach on abilities to change. They outreach in profoundness, in accuracy, in impact, in scope, in time. When that happens, growth turns into decline, prosperity into stagnation. Companies are at risk.

Companies need a paradigm shift. In order to move beyond the climax, they need change in their practices of steering and structuring the company. They need change in their thinking about company progress. They need to rebuild their companies on modern foundations. They need to understand the big shift that is occurring in company creation and need to learn how to create their companies with beyond the climax type of practices in steering and structuring. They need to discover what new type of companies is emerging.
Meet Instant Enterprises
Instant Enterprises are companies that are instantly adaptable to circumstantial changes in market, technology and culture.
Traditional companies progress on planned change. Planning takes time. Following up on plans takes time. However, companies have time no longer to react and act on changing requirements.

Modern companies progress on instant change. There is no need for planning the change, since their ability to change is equipped to instantly adapt itself to changing requirements. Modern companies are not planned enterprises but instant enterprises.

How can companies steer and structure for instant changeability?
Meet Enterprise Polarism
We develop Instant Enterprises by applying Enterprise Polarism as method.
Polarism applies on companies since all change phenomena are polar phenomena. Ripples, cascades, leverages, balances, crises and similar phenomena of change are polar phenomena. Initiatives to overcome them like transformations, disruptions, alterations, adaptations, migrations and modernizations are polar phenomena too.

With Enterprise Polarism:
  •   We postulate the applicability of Polarism on the domain of company and organizations development. So we state we can use the mindset, toolset and skillset of this knowledge discipline for enhancing our management and consulting professions.
  •  We populate on the Smart Insights we acquire when applying Polarism on this domain, so we educate and collaborate ourselves on the idea of Instant Enterprises. 
  •  We demonstrate on cases where we apply Enterprise Polarism, so we can help clients with solutions and strategies to have them become Instant Enterprises. 
With Enterprise Polarism you acquire Company Change Dominance.
With Enterprise Polarism we work on our mission. We pursue to…
move away from
systems and organizations 
that outpace on humanity
move towards
systems and organizations 
that favor life and the living
The Instant Enterprise Journey
Developing Instant Enterprises is a journey. It is a journey because Instant Enterprises are as organisms. They grow and adapt during their lifecycle.
It is also a journey of discovery to become able to work on them being a company developer; being a director, manager, consultant, coache, trainer, researcher in the domain of company development.

Therefore, we service this journey. We service the journey of Smart Insights for Instant Enterprises.
Servicing Instant Enterprises
Our services align on supporting companies in their journey to become Instant Enterprises.
We support company developers such as directors, managers, consultants, coaches, trainers, researchers with consulting, education and collaboration.

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Explore the Instant Enterprise services
For more information about how we service you in your endeavors to change your company, click on the button below. 

We would like to come into contact with you. Therefore, we ask for your name and email address.
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