About Your Smart Insights Program
Your Smart Insights Program
We guide the people who join Your Smart Insights Program towards becoming able to understand and instigate Real Change. With your enhanced ability you can impact Real Change processes in lives, businesses, organizations and systems. That means you enhance your life and professional services for helping people through current times of accelerating change.

Learning to understand and instigate Real Change is possible. However, it is possible by one Real Change process only. Learn this process and you can learn them all. This Real Change process is insight acquisition. Solely by becoming able to understand and instigate the creations of insights you become able to understand and instigate any Real Change process. Therefore, Your Smart Insights Program aligns on experiencing Smart Insights

We aim to understand and instigate Real Change smartly, i.e. explicitly, accurately, profoundly and swiftly. This since current change challenges require that we should be able to communicate, collaborate, co-create and educate them, impactfully. This is possible. However, this is possible only when we use polarities. Therefore, Your Smart Insights Program bases on Polarism. The use of Polarism makes insights smart.

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Backgrounds of Your Smart Insights Program
Your Smart Insights Program
For who?
  •  For those interested in really changing lives, businesses, organizations, systems, both intuitively and rationally, practically and theoretically.  
  •  For those who continually, steadily, gradually and incrementally want to develop their Real Change expertise explicitly, accurately, profoundly and swiftly. 
  •  For those who like to share experiences about this with peers. 
Become able to understand and instigate Real Change
  •  People learn and develop on Real Change Processes in mind and body. 
  •  Businesses service, flourish and diminish due to Real Change processes occurring in market, technology and culture. 
  •  Organizations modernize and transform, merge and divest on Real Change processes in steering and structuring. 
  •  Systems develop, exploit and maintain on Real Change processes within larger ecosystem contexts. 
  •  Organisms in general, grow, adapt and procreate on Real Change processes in flora and founa. 
Acquire insights productively
  •  Answer intriguing questions 
  •  Solve compelling problems 
  •  Attain audacious goals 
  •  Establish lasting relationships 
Enhance your practice by applying Polarism 
  •  Polarism Toolset. Discover tools like polarity matrices, polar mirroring and polar analysis for practically and productively understanding and instigating Real Change. 
  •  Polarism Mindset. Learn concepts like polar polarities, polar phenomena and polar systems and recognize them in Real Change processes. 
  •  Polarism Skillset. Train your skills on Polarism concepts and tools so you can impact your Real Change cases. 
Participate in the community and collaborate with peers on joint change challenges.
Experience your journey of Smart Insights along plateaus, courses and trainings. 
Knowledge base
Enhance your practice using the growing knowledge base.
Participation has its benefits:
For personal development
Enhance your personal development practice with the means to understand and instigate Real Change in personal lives and relationships. That means you can help yourself and your clients clearly, profoundly and confidently.
For organization development
Enhance your organization development practice with the tools to acquire the Smart Insights that are accurate, you explicitly can communicate about, you acquire productively so you can engage with groups of people fast.
For business development
Enhance your business development practice with the methods to solve compelling problems, answer intriguing questions and attain audacious goals. That means you can quickly respond to changes in markets, technologies and cultures.
For systems development
Enhance your systems development practice with the concepts, tools and methods with which you can make systems arise, so they grow and adapt themselves in response to changing circumstances in market, technology and culture.
For expertise development
Enhance your research practice with the concepts, tools and methods for acquiring profound insights fast so you can productively come to information from data and arrive to conclusions from information.
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