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Enhance your practice for the development and change of people, businesses, systems and organizations gradually and steadily with Smart Insights. These are models made for understanding and instigating the Real Change of a particular challenge. We make them by using the unique method of Polarism. We co-create and publish them in Your Smart Insights Program. 
Smart Insight Models
We develop and publish Smart Insight models. Plainly, these models act as tools for acquiring the insights you need for realizing a particular ambition under conditions of Real Change

However, Smart Insight models are much more. They are knowledge products, so they are excellent for purposes of co-creation, education and publication. Therefore, we have Your Smart Insights Program. Within this program we teach you how to develop Smart Insights models by using Polarism and we co-create and educate about specific Smart Insight models. This way we expand our knowledge base on understanding and instigating the Real Change for an increasing number of cases, ready to apply in your practice for better servicing of your organization and client
What does it mean to work with a Smart Insights model?
  •  Have your tailor-made case specific model for substantiated decision making.
  •  Model the bare essence of your situation and challenges under conditions of Real Change.
  •  Acquire the insights you seek in accurate, explicit, profound, complete and swift manner
  •  Document and share your insights and create common understanding in your team.  
  •  Develop or change any case regarding of people, businesses, systems and organizations. 
  •  Face any challenge even and precisely when they become larger, more complex, dynamic, varied, more context interdependent and when there is less and less time to realize them.  
  •  Learn how to make these Smart Insights models yourself by applying the unique method of Polarism. 
“We had an issue. Our organization dealt with a latent problem already for several years. We wanted to fix that once and for all. After discussing the proposal for the consulting request, we had direction. Moreover, we were instantly two months ahead of schedule.”
Smart Insights
The insights you gain in the example about the cup and the table are famed by the polarity up ↔ under. 
Polarism claims and proofs that any insight is framed by one or more polarities. 
Smart Insights are insights where we explicitly make use of polarities. Consider the example below. 
Example: A cup and a table

Imagine you have a table in front of you. And there is a cup. Now answer the following question: 

What statement is true? 

Is the cup on the table? Or? Is the table under the cup?

Just answer.

The Trivial Insight is: 1- “The cup is on the table.”

The Smart Insight is:
1- “The cup is on the table”. And. 2- “The table is under the cup.”

Subsequent Smart Insights are:
3- “The cup is NOT under the table.” And. 4- “The table is NOT up the cup.”
All four statements all hold truth:.

The reversal change implies statements 5-8 hold truth while the former 1-4 are false:
5- “The cup is under the table.”
6- “The table is on the cup.”
7- “The cup is NOT up the table.”
8- “The table is NOT under the cup.”

The polarity up ↔ under frame all eight statements, simultaneously.

Logically, all eight statements imply each other. However, to arrive to each of the statements imply eight different processes of thought. Eight different behaviors that can go wrong or succeed in acquiring the insight you seek. Only when you installed the polarity up ↔ under well in your mind you have no issue in acquiring that insight.

What is true? 

Are insights about your topic? Or? Are insights about you?
A polar frame and therefore a Smart Insights model aligns on revealing the Real Change of a specific case. This means the starting point of acquiring insights is a real-world phenomenon in a real-world context. Next, we can use this understanding for instigating orderly changes on that case. These changes are directional and desirable.

For example, the Smart Insights Program on the Change Management Disruption reveals the analysis about how the change management practices for people, systems and organizations are subject to a disruptive transition. Within this program we develop the Change Management Styles Matrix, which is a polarity matrix, a model of Polarism. With this matrix and for purposes of understanding we explore the Change Disruption which is at hand. We explain the polar framing of this disruption and predict its course. Thereafter we prescribe strategies for adhering and intervening this course.

This approach assumes we can fulfill ambitions by guiding their emergences. We can do so since we have Polarism. Polarism is the method for making things arise. It reveals and make you use of the change technology that is inherent in nature.

The approach differs from conventional engineering types of practices. These rely on preconception, which is the principle that we need to foresee, plan and design all desirable outcome upfront. This is an unfeasible practice to hold on to for realizing ambitions that are sizable, dynamic, complex, varied, more context interdependent and when there is less and less time to realize them.
Real Change
Using Polarism we reveal the polarities that work within a domain. Doing so the insights you acquire on your topic of interest existing within that domain become smart. Then they are:
With Polarism the insights you acquire are on topic. Your topic. You do not need to depend on clues from other cases of other people acquired in other times and other circumstances. Smart Insights match your issues, now.

Dig through superficiality. Unravel matters. Uncover the core of your case. With Polarism you do so without procrastinating on the illuminating AHA that awaits you. Smart Insights are quintessential.

Explicit your claims and explain accordant proof by applying Polarism. Share, communicate and collaborate on the Smart Insights that result. Organize your team for impact.

Your insight is immanent and inherent in your situation and case. So, why not feel relieved now? By the method of Polarism you come to acquire your Smart Insight in an instant. Your instant.
Having Smart Insights is conditional for substantiated decision making. People do not change without insight. Having insight makes all the difference.

An insight is the difference between problem and solution:
insight = solution – problem
An insight is the difference between question and answer:
insight = answer – question
An insight is the difference between goal and attainment:
insight = attainment – goal
Be aware...
you’re one Smart Insight away from your leadership
Decision making
"Our project management was stuck with escalations, simply because there was not enough consultation on the work floor. What turned out? In our management model, we placed more emphasis on governance than on engagement. Too much focused on the line structure too little on the consultation structure. We have swaped this model. Then we went forward with leaps and bounds."
Your Smart Insights Program 
With the people who join Your Smart Insights Program we co-create Smart Insights. Smart Insights are Polarism based models that work as tools for acquiring insights under conditions of Real Change. We provide knowledge and community services in forms of courses, trainings and reports, so you can experience your own personal journey of enhancing your practice with the ability to understand and instigate Real Change. That means you can guide more people, systems and organizations through current times of accelerating change.

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