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Frank Schalkwijk
Enhance your practice for Change Management and Architecture Management with the ability to understand and instigate Real Change, which is change happening inherently, inevitably and presently. This is especially important nowadays, since organizations are subject to the Change Management Disruption. This disruption makes common linear practices of change and architecture management instantly obsolete and causes successful change agents to transit towards modern polar practices. Polar practices base on the unique method of Polarism which is now available through Your Smart Insights Program.
Real change 
Real change is change that occurs inherently, inevitably and presently. Managing Real Change differs from the way we manage change regularly, which we coin Ideal Change. Ideal Change relies on preconception kinds of practices such as planning, designing and budgeting.
Consider the climate system. The cycle of evaporation of water from the seas, cloud forming, and rainfall is a process inherent to the climate system. This system sustains without plans and designs. The climate system functions inevitably as long as the conditions for this functioning remain set. It does not need human interference per se. The climate system is currently functioning. It does not plan and design itself. It acts and reacts at once.

Becoming able to manage Real Change processes and systems is nowadays more relevant than ever. Systems and organizations become more sizable, dynamic and complex. There is less time available for Ideal Change kind of practices, while more need for instigating desired order. The report: “Real Change. Enhance your practice with Polarism so you can move beyond the Change Management Disruption.” Reveals what, why and how.
Real Change processes
Real Change processes are processes that happen without interference of man. This has been a fact for billions of years. It’s natural change. It is the kind of change that forms the universe and all within. It includes mechanistic as well as organismic change. Plants and animals grow, adapt and propagate on the principles of Real Change. Real Change is how we humans change.

Core to becoming able to manage Real Change are polarities as studied by Polarism. Polarism is the method to make things arise.
Consider personal life examples, as there are many. Walking is a polar practice where you alternate between two linear steps. Breathing is a polar practice based on inhalation and exhalation. Thinking is a polar practice based on perceiving and conceiving. It is these polar practices that makes you alive.

Similar in organizations. The alternation between producing and consuming makes businesses grow. The alternation between specialization and generalization drives value creation. The alternation between innovation and standardization drives growth. Markets flourish on supply and demand.

Polarities make we cannot only engineer our systems and organizations, we can also let them emerge. With polarities we can engineer for emergence. We can engineer the kind of emergence we orderly want to happen, for example, within our organizational ecosystems.
We cannot plan, control and design how sectoral or industrial ecosystems will come to be. Though, we can design the emergent polar mechanism of such ecosystem. This is what we’ve seen in the cargo sector. With the introduction of containers in the sixties of last century a disruption came to happen that is unprecedented. Traditional shipment of goods turned into container shipment. Nowadays the ecosystem of container transport is one of the drivers for world economy. It is interesting to see the polar mechanisms operating in this ecosystem.
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Understanding Real Change
From all Real Change processes existent in the universe you need to understand only one process to understand the universal principles behind all processes. This process is the Real Change process of acquiring insights.

Insight acquisition is at the core of understanding Real Change processes in general. It is by insights you come to understand processes in nature, culture, technology, science, business. It is by first understanding how polarities function for insight acquisition, before you can understand how polarities function in any other domain. Your person comes first in all understanding. All other topics are secondary. You are subject to Real Change yourself. You need to understand how polarities affect your personal thinking in order to understand how your polar thinking affect any Real Change.

Therefore, Your Smart Insights Program. Within this program we train you on the Real Change process of acquiring insights specifically, so you become able to manage any Real Change process in general. We train you on how polarities frame the creations of insights. Wonder about: are insights about your topic or about you?
Your Smart Insights Program 
Your Smart Insights Program integrates on mastering Real Change by Smart Insights and Polarism. We provide knowledge and community services in forms of courses, trainings and reports, so you can experience your own personal journey of enhancing your practice with the ability to understand and instigate Real Change. That means you can guide more people, systems and organizations through current times of accelerating change. 

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