About Polliance
Frank Schalkwijk
Polliance services the alliance on Polarism. With Polliance we have an expertise agency dedicated for the steady and gradual development of Polarism and its applications. Smart Insights and Instant Enterprises are such applications.

With Polliance we help people in their life, profession, business and organization. We service professionals like directors, managers, consultants, coaches and researchers to become leaders in their fields by helping them to acquire Smart Insights. We can do this since polarities frame insights and with Polarism we can explain how.

In our community we develop and publish the Polarism Discipline and its applications. We do this by means of knowledge products. In forms like reports, videos and infographics we publish models, analysis about cases and at which we apply assessments and other tools. We educate and consult on them.
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"Answer intriguing questions by Polarism"
Within the Polliance Alliance we unite and collaborate on the developments of the mindset, toolset and skillset of Polarism, Mind Polarism (Smart Insights), Enterprise Polarism (Instant Enterprises) and the cases on which we apply them.
"Solve compelling problems by Polarism"
With the Polliance Academy we educate and train professionals online and offline. We provide knowledge products like reports, courses and presentations. With these we publish the toolset, mindset and skillset of Polarism.
"Attain audacious goals by Polarism"
We, people involved in the alliance of Polarism, help other people and businesses with advices grounded on Polarism. We develop concepts, strategies and methods for suggested cases.
"Build lasting relationships by Polarism"
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