About Polliance
Frank Schalkwijk
Enhance your practice for the development and change of people, businesses, systems and organizations with services from Polliance. Polliance services the knowledge base, community, and insight acquisition journeys for those who want to discover Real Change and Polarism. Therefore, we service online courses and trainings based on Smart Insights. You can enhance your practice, since the services are now available through Your Smart Insights Program.
With the Polliance Alliance we service the community. Within the community we unite and collaborate on the developments of the mindset, toolset and skillset of Polarism. We do this together with mindlike peers. Together we…
  •  participate, collaborate and share in a growing community of insight explorers; 
  •  develop and publish Smart Insight Programs; 
  •  add knowledge to the mindset, toolset and skillset of the Polarism Discipline; 
  •  document, publish and educate our expanding knowledge base. 
Within the community we are all equal. It does not matter what level or authority you have in which field of knowledge. It does not matter if you are an executive, an employee, an external consultant, a researcher, or a student, Polarism and Smart Insights is new to everybody. There is so much to discover. Co-creation is what counts.

Who are we?

We do not evade issues. We tackle issues. Not superficial solely by trivial heuristics, but primarily by quintessential Smart Insights. We work on substance. We are insightful. We do not assume interests of parties. We assume foundations that transcend on interests of parties. We do not conform to the past. We do not flee into the future. We deal with the present. We act alone and like to act together. We are intentional and tenacious, not stubborn and vain. We serve in development, consulting, training, coaching and research. We serve with ability and expertise. So, we impact. We care. We pursue to move away from having mechanistic lives and move forward to having organismic lives. We move away from systems and organizations that outpace on humanity. We move towards systems and organizations that favor life and the living. We’re insights away from fulfilling our goals. We are insight explorers for managing and architecting Real Change. 
"We didn’t know it anymore. Organization development. Then top down. Then bottom up. What to do? Then the insight. Now we are developing our organization middle out. What a relief that gave."
With the Polliance Academy we service the Polarism knowledge base. We educate and train professionals online and offline. We provide knowledge products like reports, courses and presentations. With these we publish the toolset, mindset and skillset of Polarism.
"Think of portfolio management. Automatically we thought about portfolio management of projects. Now we know better. Now we manage the portfolio of company components."
With the Polliance Artistry we service with Smart Insights Consulting. With this service we help clients with answering intriguing questions, solving compelling problems or attaining audacious goals for their organization, business, people, and expertise. As a client you’ll receive the Polarism based guidance you need to arrive to Smart Insights, so you can understand the Real Change happening in your case and instigate the necessary strategies to realize your ambitions. 
"Only when we moved from 'project-based architecture' to 'architecture-based projects' did we regain coherence in our system landscape. It is a pity that many enterprise architecture approaches are still based on the first principle."
Your Smart Insights Program 
With the people who join Your Smart Insights Program we co-create Smart Insights. Smart Insights are Polarism based models that work as tools for acquiring insights under conditions of Real Change. We provide knowledge and community services in forms of courses, trainings and reports, so you can experience your own personal journey of enhancing your practice with the ability to understand and instigate Real Change. That means you can guide more people, systems and organizations through current times of accelerating change. 

For requesting your invitation to Your Smart Insights Program, click the button to return to the invitation page.

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