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Frank Schalkwijk
Enhance your practice for the development and change of people, businesses, systems and organizations profoundly with the unique method of Polarism. Polarism includes the knowledge and tools with which you can understand and instigate Real Change. We show their applications within Smart Insight Programs, because only through mastering insight acquisition by means of applying polarities you truly can master Real Change. You can discover Polarism, its knowledge base and tools, since it is now available through Your Smart Insights Program.
Polarism and Real Change 
Polarism is the method for making things arise. With this unique method we can understand, manage and architect Real Change phenomena, including all kinds of processes, systems and organizations. With its concepts and tools, we can:
  •   Explore Real Change phenomena. What Real Change circumstances make the phenomenon arise? What undercurrents of change are happening?
  •  Explain Real Change phenomena. What polarities frames the phenomenon? Which polarities are more relevant than other? What are the insights we gain?
  •  Predict Real Change phenomena. What polar strains are working within the phenomenon? What happens when we do nothing? What to expect when we intervene?
  •  Prescribe Real Change phenomena. How can we instigate desired change? What are the polar strategies that help attain our goals?
For an example read the report: “Real Change. Enhance your practice with Polarism so you can move beyond the Change Management Disruption” and follow the relating training: “Smart Insights on the Change Management Disruption”. The report and training are about the Change Management Disruption. Within the analysis we explore, explain and predict about this phenomenon and prescribe for relating strategies.
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Knowledge discipline
Polarism is a knowledge discipline. This discipline includes a mindset, toolset and skillset.
Polarities are core to how we think about reality and change. They are core about how we arrive to insights, convictions and beliefs. The Polarism Mindset is about this thinking. It includes the research on polar phenomena such as transitions, disruptions, balances, ripples and change in general. We research concepts like polarities and polar systems.

For understanding and instigating change, we develop and apply the Polarism Toolset. These include the polarity tool and derivative tools like Polarity Matrices, Polarity Diagnosis, Polar Mirroring and Polar Analysis.

We train on the Polarism Skillset by means of Smart Insights Programs and other knowledge products and services.
"Never known that we can make mindsets such explicit so that clear choices become visible. A difference of day and night in our final result."
Polarism and Smart Insights models
We apply Polarism for acquiring Smart Insights, which are actually Polarism Insights. The best way to discover, learn and master Polarism is through insight acquisition.

With Polarism we develop Smart Insight Models. For mastering Polarism these models are:
Smart Insights models are excellent means for applying Polarism to reveal the ins and outs about an intriguing question to be answered, a compelling problem to be resolved, and an audacious goal to be attained.

Within each model we show the power of Polarism. How with Polarism we apply its concepts and tools to instigate the creations of insights. How we come to claims and proofs about them. How it drives clarity and confidence about understanding a topic and making plans for real impact.

Knowledge bases
Within a Smart Insights model, we publish knowledge about a specific topic. With Polarism we analyze this topic to its quintessence, so you gain profound understanding about the topic. Moreover, since the model comprises of knowledge products we share all contents, like online and you can share relevant knowledge products for your purposes, like in your organization.

A Smart Insights model is a guided collective experience. You are an expert. You acquire your insights about topics yourself. With Polarism we frame this guidance. We let you arrive to insights yourself first after which you can share and discuss them within the community for even more insights. The guide will not act as spoiler. 

Within a Smart Insights model, you develop your skill of productive thinking. You can do so, since Polarism reveals how your thought system functions by polarities.
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"A specific technology which is responsible for universal problem solving. It does not have to be crazier. But what an empowerment if you master it."
Your Smart Insights Program 
With the people who join Your Smart Insights Program we co-create Smart Insights. Smart Insights are Polarism based models that work as tools for acquiring insights under conditions of Real Change. We provide knowledge and community services in forms of courses, trainings and reports, so you can experience your own personal journey of enhancing your practice with the ability to understand and instigate Real Change. That means you can guide more people, systems and organizations through current times of accelerating change. 

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