About Polarism
Frank Schalkwijk
“Polarities frame realities” is the first law of Polarism. This makes that Polarism is the study of understanding and creating realities by means of polarities.

Defined broader…

"Polarism respects the philosophical, spiritual and cultural wisdom it originates from, by capturing this wisdom with the scientific intent to clean it from any aspects that mystifies, covers up or confuses the deeper understanding available by uncovering the essential core about reality creation by applying polarities. "

Polarism studies how polarities frame realities.
The Polarism Discipline
We capture Polarism in a knowledge discipline. This discipline includes a mindset, a toolset and a skillset.

Polarities are core to how we think about reality. They are core about how we arrive to insights, convictions and beliefs. The Polarism Mindset is about this thinking. It includes the research on polar phenomena such as transformations, disruptions, and change in general, and research on concepts like The Polarity Manifestation and Polar Systems.

For understanding and creating realities we develop and apply the Polarism Toolset. These include polarities themselves and derivative tools like polarity diagnosis, polar mirroring and polar analysis.

For educating on the Polarism Skillset we develop and publish knowledge products about Polarism such as courses and reports.

We develop variants of Polarism like Mind Polarism and Enterprise Polarism. 
Smart Insights 
Mind Polarism
Mind Polarism
Mind Polarism is the application of Polarism in the domain of personal development. It is the method for acquiring Smart Insights. Having Smart Insights is conditional for leadership activities like:
  •  creating compelling solutions
  •  attaining audacious goals  
  •  answering intriguing questions 
  •  establishing lasting relationships 
  •  managing tranquil change 
Having Smart Insights is conditional for self-leadership in life, career and business.
You can learn more about Mind Polarism within the Smart Insights Program. Click here to discover more.
Instant Enterprises
Enterprise Polarism
Enterprise Polarism
Enterprise Polarism is the application of Polarism in the domain of organizational development. It is the method for developing Instant Enterprises. Instant Enterprises are organizations that are instantly adaptable to circumstantial changes in market, technology and culture.

Instant Enterprises are the kinds of organizations companies grow into due to digitization and are provisional for companies being able to survive under current societal conditions of accelerating change.

You can learn more about Enterprise Polarism within the Instant Enterprise Program. Click here to discover more.
on insight...
Polarism Science
We develop Polarism with scientific intent. This implies that we setup scientific research programs on the concepts and artefacts we use in the Polarism Discipline, all for purposes of proofing and creating value for the practitioners of Polarism. 
Your introduction to Smart Insights and Polarism
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